Answers to frequently asked questions


What makes RESAVIO different from other hotel software?

RESAVIO aggregates cloud-based hotel and accommodation management, an integrated channel manager, a guest-friendly web booking engine and digital guest services into just one system. RESAVIO is a modern, clear and extendible tool and affordable also for smaller businesses.

RESAVIO is Software-as-a-Service. What does that mean?

Our software is provided as a web-based service. All you need to use RESAVIO is a up-to-date computer (or tablet) with internet access and web browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Additional hard- or software is not required. We take care of all the technical stuff to help you focus on your day-to-day business.

Can somebody show me how RESAVIO works?

We would be happy to introduce you to our system and answer all your open questions in an online meeting with shared screen. Make an appointment now!

Can I try RESAVIO?

Within a 14-day trial period you are able to test our system completely free of charge and without any obligation. The trial will automatically end after 14 days. A termination is not required. Should you decide for a permanent use of RESAVIO, all the data entered during the trial can be taken over.

I have registered for a free trial. Why haven’t I received my login details?

Normally we send the login data on weekdays within a few hours. In some cases the processing may take up to two working days. Unfortunately, in some cases the email with the login data can end up in the spam folder. Therefore please also check your spam mails. Should you still not have any login details after 48 hours, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.

Why can’t I log in?

Please make sure that you allow the use of cookies in your browser settings. Please also pay attention to upper- and lowercase letters when entering your password. If you have forgotten your extranet password, you can reset your password at any time.

How does the integration of your booking engine into my website work?

There are various ways of integrating our booking engine into your website, i.a. a simple link, a pop-up or an overlay. You may also embed the booking page in an iframe or use our modern javascript widgets. All possible options are documented in our integration guide. We will gladly advise you on which option is best suited for your purposes and support you or your web agency during the process of integration.

Is there also a RESAVIO app?

You can add RESAVIO on your home screen and use it like an app. On the iPhone or iPad, please open our extranet with Safari and tap at the bottom of the screen on the icon with a square and an arrow pointing upwards. In the menu, scroll a little to the right in the lower toolbar and select "Go to home screen". On Android, please open our extranet with Chrome. Tap on the three small dots in the upper right corner and select "Add to Home Screen".

How much does RESAVIO cost?

The monthly fee depends on the features you want, the contract period and the size of your hotel or accommodation. You can choose from various packages and modules according to your needs. Upgrading is possible at any time.

What does the payments module include?

With the payments module, you can collect online payments via interfaces to various well-known and secure payment service providers. Available payment options are i.a. credit card, PayPal or immediate bank transfer. The processing of credit card payments can be done via Stripe, Mollie, SIX Payment Services or Datatrans.

Who can help me with further questions?

Our support team is happy to assist you Mon/Tue/Thu between 10:00-16:00 and Wed/Fri between 10:00-14:00 (except on german public holidays). You can contact us comfortably via our support form in the extranet, using our contact form or by phone on +49 2423 930 90 40.


What does "default inventory count" mean?

The default inventory count is the number of rooms or rental units of a category that are automatically released for sale by the system within the set booking period. The default setting for the booking period allows reservations for 365 days in advance and even last minute reservations for the same day. To adjust the booking period, open settings and navigate to "Restrictions" on the left. The booking period will be extended automatically every day, for another day. If you do not want automatic availability, simply set the default availability to 0. Now you have full control and can manually set the availability.

What does the "Priority" field in the categories settings do?

Among other things, this field influences the sorting of your room categories in your booking engine. The higher the number you enter here, the higher this category is placed in the list of offers. If categories have the same priority, the sorting is done by price. In that case, the cheapest offer appears first.

What is the effect of the minimum rate and how can I change it?

The minimum rate is the minimum price per night for one unit of a category. Our system will never sell a unit for a lower price. The price can be set for each category and serves as backup in case you accidentally enter prices that are too low.


Is it possible to only offer breakfast in certain periods?

Of course. You can achieve this e.g. by creating separate seasons for the time with and without breakfast and using two tariffs, one with breakfast and one without. The tariff with breakfast should have pricing rules that apply to the season with breakfast only and vice versa.

Why are there no tariffs available in the booking engine?

There can be several things causing this issue. Please start by checking your availability in the calendar: Are there any restrictions due to minimum- or maximum-length-of-stay? Are categories closed for arrival or departure? Please check your tariffs next: Did you set pricing rules? Is there a pricing rule for the period and the number of guests you are searching for? Please also check if the checkbox "direct booking" is checked.


I am looking for a specific reservation, how can I find it?

Open the menu item "Reservations" in the toolbar. Click on "Search & filter" above the reservation list. Enter and select the desired filter criteria and click on the "Apply" button. The currently active filters are displayed above the reservation list. Remember to reset the filters after you found the reservation you searched for.

I am not able to find a reservation. What am I doing wrong?

You might have to reset your reservation filters.In the reservation list click on "search & filter". Then click on the "reset" button below the filter options. All existing reservations should now be displayed again.

How do I create a group reservation?

You can add any number of rooms to a reservation. To do this, first create a reservation. Open the reservation and click on the button "Add room or unit" below the list of "booked services". Select a category, the number of guests and a tariff, enter the name of the group into the "guest name" field and confirm by clicking on "Save". Repeat this for all rooms of the group.

You will now find several reservations with the name of the group in the occupancy calendar. If you move the mouse over a group reservation item in the occupancy calendar, other associated reservation items will be highlighted.

It is also possible to create a collective invoice. Right click on one of the reservation items in the occupancy calendar and select "create invoice". Choose all items that you would like to invoice collectively.

How do i prevent my email ending up in the guests spam folder?

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the booking confirmation or other mails sent by our system end up in the guests spam folder. We therefore advise all guests to check their spam folder on the confirmation page of our booking engine. In order to reduce the probability that email end up in the spam folder, you can use your own outgoing mail server to send email. Please provide the SMTP access data of your mail provider in the extranet settings under "Mail".

Occupancy calendar

How do I create a new reservation in my occupancy calendar?

To add a reservation to your occupancy calendar, first click on the arrival date, in the row of the desired room or rental unit. Next click on the departure date. Please do not drag, it only needs two separate clicks. With the second click the reservation window shows up. Please select one of the available tariffs to have the price and tax amounts calculated automatically. Continue with entering the contact data of the guest. To complete the reservation click on the save button. The newly created reservation will now appear in your occupancy calendar.

The occupancy calendar has rows labelled "unassigned", what does this mean?

The "unassigned" rows include all reservations that have been assigned to a category but not to a room or rental unit. You can assign the reservation to a room or rental unit using drag & drop.

What happens if a reservation is made for more than one night but there is no room or unit vacant throughout the entire period?

When processing a reservation, our system system checks the availability of the category on the individual days according to the availability calendar. Our system does not automatically check whether a dedicated room is vacant throughout the period of stay. If a reservation is made for a category and a period where no room or unit is continuously vacant, it is not possible to automatically allocate a room. The reservation is displayed in the occupancy calendar in a separate line titled "Unassigned". In this case, you can usually move the existing reservations using drag and drop so that there is no overlap. There may of course be cases where this is not possible, for example, if you have promised a guest a certain room.

Why can I not check in a reservation?

You can only check in reservations if the status of the booked room is "clean" or "inspected". Guests with rooms that are still marked as occupied or require cleaning cannot be checked in. Please change the rooms status first.

How can I change the order of categories and units in the occupancy calendar?

The categories and the rooms or units within the categories are sorted alphabetically by internal name. Simply prepend numbers (01, 02, 03...) or letters (A, B, C...) to the internal name to achieve the desired order.

Why is a category not displayed in the occupancy calendar?

The occupancy calendar only shows active categories. Select the menu item Categories (price tag icon) in the toolbar at the top. Scroll down to the bottom and check the checkbox for active status.

Availability calendar

Why is my accommodation not bookable?

Please check your availability calendar first.

- Is the inventory count correct?
- Please check if categories (X) or the whole property (XX) is closed in the desired booking period.
- Check your arrival / departure restrictions, as well as the minimum and maximum length of stay on the days in question.

If inventory count is correct and no restrictions are in effect, please check your tariffs next. To do so, open your categories (price tag icon in the toolbar) and select the relevant category. Open the menu item "tariffs" and check if there are active tariffs for that category. Tariffs determine the conditions under which your rooms are offered. If tariffs are present, please check their pricing rules. Do pricing rules for the desired period and number of persons exist? If no tariffs or pricing rules are available, please add them.

Please also check how far in advance your rooms/units can be booked. You can set the booking period in the settings under "Restrictions". You can extend it up to 2 years (730 days).

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please contact our support team via the support form on the extranet, via the contact form on our website or by calling us on +49 2423 930 9040.

The availability calendar highlight some days yellow, what does that mean?

The availability calendar warns you of possible overbooking or if there are discrepancies between the availability and the occupancy calendar. Please check that you have added all rooms and that the inventory count is correct. You can use bulk updates feature to synchronize the inventory count with the occupancy calendar to solve the problem.

How can I withdraw a particular room from sale, e.g. because it is being renovated?

Marking a room as "Out of order" is for information only and will not affect your inventory count.There are two ways to reduce the inventory:

1. In the availability calendar you can manually adjust the inventory count according to your needs. You can also close a category completely.

2. You can create an internal reservation for the period in which the room is out of order. To distinguish the reservation, simply enter "renovation" or "internal" as the guest name. The inventory count will be reduced automatically when creating the reservation.

What is the difference between minimum stay arrival-based and minimum stay through?

Arrival-based minimum stay means that the minimum stay only applies if the guest arrives on the exact day on which the minimum stay is set. Minimum stay through means that the minimum stay also applies if a booking is made over day. The minimum stay through restriction therefore is more restrictive. The same also applies to the maximum length of stay restriction.


How do I grant regular guests a loyalty discount?

Open "Settings" > "Discounts" and you will find the possibility to create a regular guest discount. If a guest books repeatedly with the same email and if the defined rules are fulfilled, a discount is granted automatically. The guest does not have to create a guest account.


How do I change the layout of my invoice?

The layout of the invoice can be adjusted and changed to a certain extent. For example, you can add an individual text for each invoice, such as "We look forward to welcome you again soon!" The appendix can be preset in the global settings. You can also configure the margin bottom, to make sure the footer of your stationary is not overprinted.

Why am I not able to edit some items of a reservation?

Items that have already been invoiced can not be edited. In order to update this items, you have to cancel the corresponding invoice first. We recommend double checking the invoice address and the billed items in a preview before issuing an invoice.

How do I cancel/reverse an invoice if it was issued incorrectly?

Open the "Reservations" section by clicking on the reservation book icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then scroll down to the end of the reservation list and open the invoice journal by clicking on "Invoices". Filter by invoice number or date. Use the icons in the right column to download, print, email and cancel invoices. Use the X symbol to cancel the desired invoice. A reversal invoice will be created. Alternatively, you can also cancel/reverse invoices of a reservation in the reservation detail view.

What is a reversal invoice?

A reversal invoice is the reversal of a previously issued invoice, i.e. the items are refunded. Please note that a reversal invoice is not an invoice for cancellation fees.

How do I create an invoice for cancellation fees?

Please open the detail view of the reservation. You will see the cancellation policy applicable to the reservation items in the "Booked services" section. Use the pencil icon in the right column to make changes. You can either cancel the entire reservation by opening the burger menu on the top right of the page and selecting "Cancel reservation" or cancel certain items of a reservation using the cross symbol in the "Booked services" area. Cancellation fees are calculated automatically according to the assigned cancellation policy and displayed below the cancelled item. The fees can be edited using the pen icon.

After that scroll down and select "Create invoice". Select the cancellation fees to be invoiced and open the preview to check the details first. If everything is correct click on the "Create invoice" button to finally issue the invoice.

What is the invoice number prefix?

The invoice prefix is a character string that can be prepended to the invoice number. This can be useful if you have several locations, for example. Since each invoice number must be unique and each location has its own number sequence in our system, you should assign a different prefix to each location. This ensures that you do not assign the same invoice number twice.

What does "Due period" or "Days until due" mean?

The days until due period determines the period in which the invoice is expected to be paid, given in days counting from the date of invoicing. If you enter a 0, the due date is the same as the invoice date (immediate pay). You can still adjust the due date when creating an invoice.

Cancellation policies

How do I create cancellation policies?

You can create cancellation policies in your extranet settings. Open the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then select the "Cancellation" section in the left menu. Click on "Add cancellation policy". Name the cancellation policy (e.g.: "standard") and decide whether the policy is refundable or not. If cancellation fees should apply directly from the time of booking, then check the box "not refundable" and enter the fee in the field below. If there should be a period in which the bookings can be cancelled free of charge, then leave the checkbox deactivated. After saving your policy you can add fees by clicking on "Add fee".

A standard cancellation policy could look like this:
Name: Standard, non-refundable: no
Cancellation fees:
From 7 days before arrival, 24:00: 100%
From 14 days before arrival, 24:00: 50%
From 30 days before arrival, 24:00: 30%

The cancellation policies can now be assigned to the tariffs.

Can I waive/edit cancellation fees?

You can edit the cancellation fees for a reservation. Please open the reservation details. In the area "booked services" you can edit the item cancellation fees using the pencil symbol on the right side. You can only edit fees that have not been not invoiced yet. If you already created an invoice for the cancellation fees you need to cancel / reverse this invoice first in order to edit the fees.

How does the automatic calculation of cancellation fees work?

Cancellation fees are automatically calculated according to the cancellation policies you created in your settings. Once a policy has been assigned to a tariff, cancellation fees are automatically calculated based on the selected policy when an item of a reservation, or even the entire reservation, is cancelled. Of course you can adjust the fees manually.

How can I get an overview of all cancellations in a period?

Open the reservations list by clicking on the reservation book icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Open the search and filter box. Then use the status filter on and select "cancelled" to only show cancelled reservations in the list.

Channel Manager

How can the RESAVIO Channel Manager help me?

Our Channel Manager updates availability, prices and restrictions on connected channels and imports incoming reservations in real-time. This allows you to offer all your rooms and rental units simultaneously on many OTAs, while reducing the risk of overbooking.

Which channels can be connected via the channel manager?

RESAVIO can be connected to various booking platforms (e.g. Booking.com and Expedia) as well as destination management systems (e.g. Feratel and Tomas). A list of available channels can be found here.

What happens if a guest cancels a reservation via a connected channel?

As soon as a cancellation is made via a connected booking channel, this information is transferred to our system and the booking is marked as cancelled. The reservation is automatically removed from the occupancy calendar and the availability is increased accordingly. If you want to prevent rooms from being put back on sale again after a cancellation, please close the category.

Do I have to prepare anything to use the Channel Manager?

Before we can connect a booking platform via our Channel Manager, you must create the room and rate types with photos and descriptions, payment and cancellation policies that you want to offer via the respective channel once there, if not already done. These settings are not automatically transferred. Afterwards we will map the room and rate types with the categories and rates available in our system. Please make sure that the naming is consistent so that we can easily match them.

How do I connect RESAVIO to Booking.com?

You can find a step by step guide in the Booking.com FAQs.

How do I connect to Expedia?

Log in to Expedia Partner Central and select "Connectivity settings" from the menu on the left under "Rooms and rates". There select Resavio (Lehnen Websolutions GmbH & Co. KG) as your connectivity partner and activate "Availabilities and Rates / AR" and "Booking Retrieval". Since our Channel Manager transfers the prices to Expedia based on the occupancy, you may receive a message that the pricing model must be updated if you have previously worked with the "PerDayPricing" pricing model. No further action is required on your part. The Expedia support team will take care of the conversion.

How can I transfer prices depending on the length of stay to my booking channels?

Unfortunately our "LOS-pricing rules" system can not be transferred to the connected booking platforms. But you can create multiple tariffs with different minimum and maximum length of stay restrictions. For example, you could offer a tariff for stays of less than 3 nights at a higher price and a rate for stays of 4 nights or more at a slightly lower price. This tariffs can be mapped to their corresponding rates.

How do I change rounding prices for booking portals?

Open the settings in the Extranet by clicking on the gear icon in the toolbar. Then select the menu item "Locale settings" on the left. Under the heading "Currency" activate the check box "Round prices". Your prices are now commercially rounded up or down.

What are iCal feeds and how do I synchronize my occupancy calendar via iCal with booking platforms?

Via iCal you can synchronize your occupancy calendar with booking platforms. The simple format is supported by many platform providers, especially by holiday rental platforms like Airbnb and FeWo-direkt. In order for the portals to be able to retrieve the occupancy from our system, you have to enter a URL for each unit where we keep the iCal feed available.

The iCal URLs have the following structure in our system:: https://resavio.com/ical/:room_id

The placeholder :room_id must be replaced by the ID of the room or rental unit. You find the IDs in the overview of rooms and rental units that you access by clicking the corresponding button below the occupancy plan.

Meta search

What is meta search?

Metasearch platforms such as Trivago and TripAdvisor gather the prices of different booking websites. This allows users to easily compare the different prices across different travel sites. With RESAVIO you can connect to Trivago and TripAdvisor and advertise your direct booking offers. This requires a so-called CPC campaign (cost-per-click). CPC is an advertising model where you have to pay for each click forwarding a potential guest to your website or booking engine.

How do I connect RESAVIO to Trivago?

You can start a CPC campaign here.

How do I connect RESAVIO to Tripadvisor?

You can start a CPC campaign here.

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