On this page we show you how to integrate our Booking Engine into your hotel or accommodation website!


The easiest way to integrate our Booking Engine is to simply put a link on your website:

<a href="{LANGUAGE}/{CLIENT_ID}" target="_blank">Book now!</a>

The placeholders {LANGUAGE} and {CLIENT_ID} must be replaced (including curly brackets) by the language code (e.g. en = English, de = German) and your accommodation ID.

Further landing pages

Booking of a specific room category:{CLIENT_ID}/categories/{CATEGORY_ID}

Booking via map:{CLIENT_ID}/map

Direct booking of a package:{CLIENT_ID}/arrangements/{ARRANGEMENT_ID}

Overview of all available offers in a period:{CLIENT_ID}/offers?checkin={YYYY-MM-DD}&checkout={YYYY-MM-DD}&adults={ADULTS}

Direct booking of a specific offer:{CLIENT_ID}/cart/rooms/add?tariff_id={TARIFF_ID}&checkin={YYYY-MM-DD}&checkout={YYYY-MM-DD}&adults={ADULTS}
Instead of the tariff_id an arrangement_id can also be passed.


URL parameters

ID of the tariff
ID of the package
Date of arrival (YYYY-MM-DD)
Date of departure (YYYY-MM-DD)
Number of adults
Array of children ages,
e.g. for 2 children aged 2 and 12 years:


You can also integrate our Booking Engine into your website using an iFrame::

<iframe src="{CLIENT_ID}" width="100%" id="resavio-iframe" style="background-color: transparent; border: 0 none transparent; padding: 0; overflow: auto;"></iframe>

In the same way you can embed all of the landing pages above into your website. Simply replace the URL in the src attribute with the URL of the landing page.

You can avoid scrollbars by additionally embedding the following JavaScript code into your page:

<script src=""></script>


Our widgets are another option to integrate the booking tool into your website. To use our widgets, first insert our widget script before the closing </body> tag of your website. You can set the language with the attribute data-locale.

<script id="resavio-widgets" data-locale="de" src=""></script>

Secondly include the widget stylesheet in the <head> section of your website:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

The colors of the widgets can be adjusted using CSS variables:


Finally insert the widgets at the desired location into your website.

For a booking form with datepicker use the following code:

<resavio-form client="1" layout="horizontal"></resavio-form>

Your accommodation ID is set via the attribute client. You can choose between two layout variants: horizontal | vertical.

Use the following widget for a sticky booking bar that is fixed at the bottom of the screen:

<resavio-sticky-bar client="1"></resavio-sticky-bar>

Customized HTML form

If you would like to have more design options, you can also integrate your own HTML booking form with arrival and departure fields (programming knowledge required) and style it using CSS. You can use the following HTML code and adapt it to your requirements:



By default, our system asks your guests for their consent to the use of cookies. If you do not want the cookie banner to be displayed, you can prevent this using the URL parameter cookie_consent=essential. In this case, however, only required cookies are set. If you have already obtained consent for the use of unnecessary cookies on your site, you can also transfer this consent to our system for the different cookie types: